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The Safety Benefits of Personal Protective Equipment

Jun 13, 2022 | 0 comments

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, helps ensure a safe and secure work environment nationwide by actively reducing accidents and improving the health of employees. Depending on the type of PPE used, there can be a vast array of health benefits to individuals both in and out of the workplace. This type of safety equipment has saved lives by protecting people from injuries, lacerations, burns, and countless other occupational mishaps.

In today’s environment, however, it’s important to note that PPE also helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases and other illnesses such as COVID, influenza, tuberculosis, among many others by covering the mouth, nose, and skin. Specific types of protective equipment are suitable for specific types of work. Such as, a construction worker may wear different PPE compared to a biochemical lab employee. Let’s explore the various types of personal protective equipment and what specific benefits they offer the wearers.

Nitrile Gloves

From the foodservice industry to healthcare workers, gloves offer a wide range of benefits to both the workers using them and their consumers/patients. Disposable nitrile gloves are made of a material called acrylonitrile butadiene rubber, which is known for its unique resistance to highly dangerous chemicals. Nitrile gloves offer a flexible and puncture-resistant wearing experience so that the workers can comfortably accomplish their jobs while also practicing safe work habits. We carry high quality nitrile gloves in a variety of sizes.

Procedure Gown

A surgical gown is a personal protective garment that’s worn by healthcare personnel during surgical procedures to protect both the surgeon and patient from transferring infections, body fluids, particulate matter, and other microorganisms. A proper surgical gown will cover the front of body from the shoulder to the knees, and the sleeves should extend to cover the wearers wrists. Gowns are also encouraged to be worn in clinical and laboratory settings. We carry high quality protective gowns to help ensure your safety in dangerous work environments.

O2 Nose Filters

O2 Nose Filters are intended as a preventative measure against breathing in potentially harmful particulates. By combining elegant design with 3M’s innovative filtration science, O2 Nose Filters are the most discreet and effective solution to protect wearers from breathing in airborne pollution, allergens, bacteria, and more. Made from medical-grade Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), O2’s lightweight, soft, and comfortable design allows you to wear the filter wherever you go. This latex-free design holds together several layers of 3M’s electrostatic materials which capture particles like a magnet. O2 Nose Filters blocks 90% of harmful airborne particles at PM10 (coarse particles) and 65% at PM2.5 (fine particles).


It’s important to protect your hearing, which is why wearing the best earplugs possible is vital for numerous deafening situations. It’s estimated that one in eight people in the United States currently suffer from hearing loss, which is a resounding 13% of the nation’s population. On top of this, roughly 28.8 million US adults would benefit from regularly wearing hearing aids. We know that any sound over 70-decibels can lead to hearing loss and tinnitus, these sounds can come from a variety of sources such as nearby sirens, car engines, leaf blowers, and so much more. It’s also been proven that earplugs can block between 15 and 30 decibels if worn correctly. With statistics like these, we strive to empower the population when it comes to protecting their hearing with the best earplugs available on the market.


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, N95 masks have been the American standard for maximum protection. N95 masks are designed to create a tight seal around the wearers nose and mouth using the masks elastic headbands and adjustable metal band over the nose. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that an N95 mask should not be worn more than 5 times to ensure ideal protection from viruses and other airborne illnesses. The N in N95 stands for its NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health) air filtration rating class, which in this case is N for Not resistant to oil, meaning the mask does not protect wearers against oil particles. Fortunately, the 95 stands for the NIOSH 95% filtration efficiency rating of 0.3 microns or greater. We carry some of the most popular N95 masks available on the market.

3Ply Masks

A 3-ply disposable face mask is a surgical mask commonly worn by nurses, surgeons, and other healthcare workers. These masks are created with fibers made of synthetic materials and the 3-ply term refers to its three layers of materials used in the manufacturing of each mask. While often just called a surgical mask, these masks offer 95% filtration protection as long as the wearer discards their 3-ply mask after only one use. Being a mask that’s also available to every citizen and not just exclusively healthcare workers, it’s important to make sure your mask is properly secured around your nose and mouth before going out. 3-ply surgical masks provide a perfect option for those looking for high protection against COVID-19 on an affordable budget.

Your health, and that of your team, depends on the quality of personal protective equipment you wear. From gowns and gloves, to sanitizers and thermometers, we have the best high quality PPE supplies you need. All our masks are FDA and/or NIOSH approved. Additionally, every mask is 100% authentic with lot numbers that can be tracked to the manufacturer. Quality and trust are of utmost importance to us here at Pacific Medical Products. You ca buy with confidence, every time.


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