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O2 Nose Filters: The Ideal Solution for Increased Protection

May 24, 2021

A properly fitted N95 mask blocks at least 95% of tiny airborne particles, according to the Center of Disease Control (CDC). While this fact shows that N95 masks support a secure protection, that additional 5% of uncertainty may pose concern to those at-risk to common airborne viruses and allergens.

In addition to a face mask, are you looking for an extra layer of protection from harmful particulate matter? Well, O2 Nose Filters are here to ease those concerns.

O2 Nose Filters

O2 Nose Filters are intended as a preventative measure against breathing in potentially harmful particulates. By combining elegant design with 3M’s innovative filtration science, O2 Nose Filters are the most discreet and effective solution to protect wearers from breathing in airborne pollution, allergens, bacteria, and more. Made from medical-grade Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), O2’s lightweight, soft, and comfortable design allows you to wear the filter wherever you go.

This latex-free design holds together several layers of 3M’s electrostatic materials which capture particles like a magnet. As particles adhere to the filters, the charged area increases and enhances its filtration capabilities. In a study conducted at LMS Technologies, O2 Nose Filters blocked 90% of harmful airborne particles at PM10 (coarse particles) and 65% at PM2.5 (fine particles).

Noses come in many sizes, and so does O2! Available in Extra-Small, Small, Medium, and Large; once you have determined the right size for you, the soft flexible design will contour to the inside of your nose. Larger sizes may provide increased airflow, while smaller sizes may maximize extended wearing comfort.

O2 Nose Filters

To use O2 Nose Filters, simply place in your nose with the connecting band down to enjoy cleaner air and easier breathing for up to 12 hours. After a full day of use, or when the filter material is visibly dirty, just recycle with other soft plastics.

Wearing O2 Nose Filters underneath your N95 mask ensures a safe double layer protection from harmful airborne particles. Fortunately, O2 Nose Filters represents just one of our many PPE products that we sell right here from our Pacific Medical Products website!

Pacific Medical Products

Whether you’re looking for face masks, O2 Nose Filters, or other protective equipment, you can find all the PPE you need at Pacific Medical Products. We understand there’s a lot of concern about fake 3M masks. We purchase all our 3M masks from Medline or McKesson (two of the world’s largest 3M distributors) who by contract can only buy them direct from 3M. Every mask is 100% authentic with lot numbers that can be tracked back to the manufacturer. Quality an trust are of utmost importance to us here at Pacific Medical Products. You can buy with confidence.