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Airport Mask Requirements

Jul 13, 2021

You’re grabbing an Uber to the airport when the thought pops into your head: “What are the airport mask requirements?” “Do I still need to wear my mask even though I’m vaccinated?”

These are valid questions as mandates for face masks have eased across the country for those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccinated or not, the Transport Security Administration (TSA) still requires face masks to be worn when it comes to air travel.

TSA Mandate

The TSA’s recent mask mandate, which went into effect on April 30, 2021, states that masks are required on the following transit methods:

  • Train Terminals
  • Bus Terminals
  • Commuter Buses
  • Commuter Trains
  • Over-The-Road Buses
  • Airports
  • Onboard Commercial Aircrafts

This mandate was originally due to expire May 11th but was recently extended through September 13th.

Additional Airport Mask Requirements

There are a few circumstances when it’s ok to remove your mask while traveling such as when you’re eating or drinking. Most airlines are still supplying in-flight food and beverages to their passengers, but once you finish your meal, you’re required to put your mask back on. Violators of this mandate can result in a fine of $250 for their first offense, and penalties increase for repeated offenders.

Something else to keep in mind if you’re traveling out of country – upon returning to the United States you’ll need to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test. This is not a concern to those flying domestically.

As recent mask mandates are being lifted nationwide, many are still questioning why the TSA hasn’t made face masks optional while flying. It’s rare to find yourself in spaces where you’re rubbing elbows with a total stranger that may have COVID-19. While modern airplane ventilation systems are very good, there’s not much you can do if an infected person is coughing or sneezing in an enclosed environment like a plane. A recent Department of Defense study found that only about 0.003% of infected particles on average cross into a passenger’s breathing zone when both subjects are following current TSA mask guidelines.

As airports begin to get crowded again, hitting pre-pandemic levels of 2.4-2.6 million passengers a day, it’s important to show up prepared with your mask on. In fact, ride-share companies require riders and drivers to wear masks, so you’ll need it for your ride to the airport as well.

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